The game of life and its connections

How you can discover life as a game and meet yourself and happiness in the process
Georgs Blog

The experiment

And he saw that it ... wasn't good yet.

People look up at the starry sky – longingly?

What is his longing? Will he find answers?

Did this happen by random chance?

Or could it be a creation? That is one of life's big questions.

Hello, I am Georg Starck

I have been studying the big questions of life since 1988. I have now reached the point where I would like to publish something in order to gather experience and enter into dialog with other people. Later, I want to turn it into a book to pass on the knowledge I have gathered.

I would like to point out that what I write is true for me. This means that it is not necessarily true for you. The texts are merely intended as a stimulus to find your own truths. It can happen even to me that my current truths are superseded by other, possibly more fundamental truths.
So I am not even claiming that everyone must have the same truths. I am saying that the path to truth is an individual path. So, please don’t just believe what I write.

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